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Eaton's Timber
21648 Denham Crossing Road
Sturgeon Lake, MN 55783

Buying Standing Timber

Phone: 218-658-4406, Cell: 218-390-3704

Eaton's Lawn Care
21648 Denham Crossing Road
Sturgeon Lake, MN 55783

Lawn Care Service, Owner: Bill Eaton

Phone: 218-658-4406, Cell: 218-390-3704

Prachar Construction of Willow River
83448 County Hwy 61, PO Box 35
Willow River, MN 55795

Carpentry-Remodeling-New Homes
Owner: Kevin Prachar
Phone: 218-372-3680

Corral Bar
8135 Willow Street, PO Box187
Willow River, MN 55795-0187

Bar-Tavern Owner: Bob Ketchmark
On-Sale, Off-Sale, Pizza, Entertainment
Phone: 218-372-3369

Hours M-S 8am-1am, Sun 8am-Midnight

2621 West 2nd Avenue
Rutledge, MN 55795

Carpentry-Remodeling-New Homes
Owner/Builder: Ted Kepler
Phone: 218-372-3735

76721 Scotch Pine Road
Willow River, MN 55795

Seasonal Camping Resort
Owner/Operator: Linda Wermerskirchen
Phone: 763-442-5991
Open May thru September

3182 County Hwy 61, PO Box 357
Willow River, MN 55795

Full Service Bank Member FDIC
VP/Bank Manager: Carrie Conner
Phone: 218-372-3155, Fax: 218-372-3086
Lobby Hours M-F 8:30am-4pm

3045 County Road 43
Willow River, MN 55795

Gas-Fuel Oil-Convenience Store-Cafe
Owner: Judi Kliniski
Phone: 218-372-3173

Hours 7am-9pm, Cafe 7am-6pm Everyday

Willow River Lumber & Hardware
8147 County Hwy 61, PO Box 128
Willow River, MN 55795-0128

Lumber Yard-Home Center-Hardware
Owners: Joel & Tori Ribich
Phone: 218-372-3442, Fax: 218-372-8322
Hours M-F 8am-5pm, Sat 8am-1pm

86872 County Highway 61
Willow River, MN 55795

Firewood Supplier
Approved State Vendor for Campfire Wood
Owner: Sue Kalm
Phone: 218-372-8446

60519 State Hwy 23, Finlayson, MN 55735
320-245-2502, Fax: 320-245-5348 and

67 Arrowhead Lane, Moose Lake, MN 55767
Phone: 218-485-0229, Fax: 218-485-9065

Real Estate Service for buyers and sellers

83001 County Road 43, PO Box 188
Willow River, MN 55795-0188

Sporting Goods-Screen Printing
Owner: Tom & Sissy Brabec
Phone: 218-372-3141, Fax: 218-372-3141
Hours M-F 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-Noon
Updated 01/01/2015

Bonk's Custom Mix Concrete
78865 County Highway 61
Willow River, MN 55795

Ready Mix-Sand-Gravel
Weekend Deliveries Available

Phone: 218-372-3665
Phone: 763-370-5976

Steve's Home Repair
3002 Church Street, PO Box 443
Willow River, MN 55795-0443

Home Remodeling & Repair
Over 40 Years Experience
Owner: Steve Andrews
Phone: 218-380-0277

J & L Construction
32115 Walters Road
Willow River, MN 55795

Underground Utilities, Owner: Dan Walker

Office: 218-372-4146, Fax: 218-372-8626
Dan: 218-349-7136, Ray: 218-349-1251

Danelski Furs
Willow River, MN 55795

Buy & Sell Wild Furs. Deer Hides, Bear Skins,
Beef Hides, Turkey Feathers, Grouse Tails.

Owner: Frank Danelski Jr.
Phone: 218-380-2437